John Chen, the founder of Jian Sheng Industrial Trading Group, graduated from St. John's University of Technology and Taipei University of Technology, both of which are known for their industrial technology. After founding the company with a team of partners, we serve a wide range of customers with our industrial design capabilities as the foundation. With Japanese technology, Taiwan's independent research and development, and China's cost advantages, we are able to produce highly efficient production tools. We are especially good at developing processes and customized equipment for different production projects to help customers improve production efficiency. We are also involved in the trading of industrial raw materials, such as industrial metals, petrochemicals, special chemicals, and electronic waste recycling, and have deep experience and network in the industry.

     We have production lines in Tucheng, Bali and Tamsui Distict of Taiwan and Zhejiang, China. We serve in three main areas: industrial and agricultural raw materials and product supply. Production process planning and equipment manufacturing. Agent and sales of second hand tool machines.

     We have planned different types of factories, from nothing to full plant design, including: printing plants, fermentation plants, fertilizer plants, electronic plants, waste treatment plants, food processing plants, breweries, large laundry plants, personal hygiene and cleaning products, agricultural equipment, specialty chemicals, sports equipment, special protective equipment. In addition to accepting OEMs from all over the world, we also produce our own branded series of products.

     Deep supply is a Brand under Jian Sheng International Group. Due to the influences of worldwide epidemic COVID-19 in 2020, we have the mission of contributing to global epidemic prevention by setting up production line from upstream to downstream to open up a zone of epidemic prevention materials and to create a reliable supply system of epidemic prevention supplies which can be customized as well.

Design  Planning Prevention Supplies