Polypropylene is the main raw material of meltblown, uses high-speed hot air flow to stretch the polymer melt flow extruded by the spray hole. This forms microfibres and collected on the
condensed curtain or rollers, with their own bonding to become melting non-woven fabric.


Fiber diameters up to 0.5-10 microns, with a unique capillary structure of microfibers. t is a good core material of the mask, especially used in medical applications. For example, for SARS, avian influenza, the coronavirus and H1N1 virus season, meltspray with its strong filtration performance, play an irreplaceable role.


Mainly use in:

1. Filter materials

2. Medical and health materials

3. Environmental protection materials

4. Clothing materials

5. Battery diaphragm materials

6. Wiping materials


Meltblown applied in the epidemic prevention material, the key is in its static capture ability which can effectively adsorption of viruses.


  • Taiwan, China and USA