Round cap to protect scalp hair. General protective cap covers for the food factory grade, thickness of fabric is about 15g, mainly in the prevention of dandruff, hair and other drops fall in food. Therefore, it is not effective in preventing the invasion of dust or sewage, so it can not really protect hair or scalp from foreign objects.

Our protective cap covers are made of 30g nonwoven fabric that effectively blocks the dust or sewage that staff may encounter while working, so it really protects your scalp and hair.

Non - Woven Cap

  • Taiwan

  • • Accept customized size orders

    • Non-woven fabric, the material is gentle and breathability is good. Avoid sultryness and breathlessness, stiff and brittle of poor quality unwoven fabric.

    •The elasticity of the belt is moderate and the clothing is soft, different from the rubber band used in inferior products which easy to age and loose.